About us

Are you sick and tired of staying at home in self-quarantine? Go to the site and play and slot pharao. You will be bragging about your winning! We are a registered Charitable Society, working for the benefit, empowerment and growth of Tibetan refugees, producing top quality handicraft, and at the same time preserving traditional Tibetan knowledge and handicrafts skills. Our staff consists of 37 artisans, and 12 administrative staff. Most of us – 43 employees – are women.

Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play book of ra online free. Increased odds for winning! Our main products are Tibetan aprons and other woven cloths, but we also make incense, and we stitch various items like shoulder bags, Tibetan dresses and shantap (beautiful cloth frames) for Tibetan thangka paintings. Learn more about our products on the product page. To buy our products, you can either contact us through this website, or visit our shop. For details, please see the contact page.

Our aim

  • We aim to sell you top quality handicrafts products
  • We aim to give job opportunities for school dropouts
  • We aim to preserve traditional Tibetan handicrafts skills


Social responsibility

It is essential for us to provide a safe and comfortable workplace, with decent wages paid according to piece rate. Also, we take responsibility for the  social welfare of our staff even outside of work. On every salary, 5% is added to a savings account to be given to the staff member when he or she retires. And if someone needs health care, we reimburse 75% of the medical bill. For families with school children, we have a sponsorship programme to subsidise school uniforms and books. Also, thanks to support from the Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS),  we are able to offer day care for the younger children at our crèche.


Our history

Dekyiling in the 1980s

Dekyiling in the 1980s

Dekyiling Tibetan Handicraft Cum Training and Charitable Society is part of the Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement, founded by the government of India and the Tibetan government in exile to provide homes for Tibetan refugees from Bhutan.  In 1980, the Central Tibetan Relief Committee (CTRC) purchased 33 acres of land on the outskirts of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

In the beginning, the settlement merely consisted of tents, sponsored by the Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief (SOIR-IM). But soon the settlers started to build houses and handicrafts workshops.

We, The Cum Training and Charitable Society, were established in 1984; at that time employing around 150 carpet weavers. After some years, the market for carpets decreased, and in the early 1990s we shifted our production to instead weave cloths and Tibetan aprons.


Our sponsors

We want to thank our kind sponsors who support the Dekyiling Tibetan Handicraft Cum Training and Charitable Society in various ways:

SOIR-IM-logoThe Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief – Individuell Människohjälp (SOIR-IM) for helping us to make  this website, for supporting us to produce Fair Trade certified cloth and bags, and for sponsoring various projects in Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement.


TRASlogoThe Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS)  in Canada for sponsoring the education of school-age children whose mothers work at the handicraft centre, for supporting the day care for younger children at the creche, and for reselling our handicraft products.


The TRFlogoTibetan Relief Fund (TRF) for selling our incense and handicraft goods in the UK, for sponsoring the purchase of a truck for disposal of garbage of the community, and for sponsoring the construction of the monastery in Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement.



The Tibetan Settlement Office (previously known as the Tibetan Welfare Office).